Mission Statement.

The purpose of the Meridian Park Neighborhood Association is to establish a forum for neighbors to share information; to cultivate community and encourage involvement among diverse neighbors; to promote projects which enhance the quality of life in the Meridian Park neighborhood; and to act as liaison between our Meridian Park neighborhood and other community organizations within the city limits of Shoreline, and also with the City of Shoreline.

The Application. Yes, there is a form for this. It is a PDF. Please download and either convert it to Word, using Word, or fill out and scan, and in either case email to us at: meridianparkna@gmail.com.

MPNA Board Member Application Form - 2018.pdf`

Would you like to join the Meridian Park Neighborhood Association Board of Directors?

More Details. . . current board members: 

  • Gretchen Atkinson - President & Secretary (Retiring in June 2018)
  • Tom Karston - Vice President
  • Cynthia Knox - Treasurer
  • Bill Franklin - Member At Large
  • Gary Holton - Member at Large (Retiring in June 2018)
  • Bereket Kiros - Member At Large
  • Julie Xing - Member At Large

More Details. . .our "schedule". We meet in the evening for public presentations on the 3rd Tuesday, from 6:30 to about 8:30. The board itself gets together in the evening once a month, for about 1.5 hours at times that are convenient, often the first Thursday of the month.

The Challenge. Like it or not, Shoreline and Meridian Park will be changing quite dramatically in the next few years - partly because of folks escaping housing prices and related issues in Seattle, partly because of the forthcoming Link Light Rail stations at 145th and 185th and related upzoning, and partly because we are increasingly seen as being conveniently located "close" to both downtown Seattle and Boeing in Everett

How should our rapid evolution be shaped: regarding our parks, rules about tent cities, loitering, our interaction with our school district, our approach to increasing density - or not, etc etc. ?

The Meridian Park Neighborhood Association Board can advise and make requests of the City Council, and this is as it should be since we do not represent and are not elected by all voters in Shoreline, but we do have a significant voice. Through collaboration with the 13 other neighborhood associations, and the city-wide Council of Neighborhoods, MPNA Board members have fairly regular interactions with City council members and senior managers across most city administrative departments.  

So, for some interesting discussions, a chance to advance your neighborhood improvement ideas, and a brief change from your regular routine, do consider applying to join the 2018-2019 leadership team, via the application below.

Example Activities. The MPNA  may plan, execute and participate in several community building events throughout the year. These might include the National Night Out, Spring Plant Exchange, Cromwell Million Step-Walk Challenge, Neighborhood Garage Sale Day, Meridian Park Ice Cream Social, Outdoor Movie Night, Used Book Sale, various Council of Neighborhood events, informational meetings for Meridian Park residents, and more.

The Buzz:  This role would involve about 4-8 hours a month, including board meetings, hosting monthly neighborhood presentations that welcome all local residents, and creatively addressing issues of direct interest to our community: crime, zoning, development, the impact of Sound Transit, our emergency preparedness plans, homelessness, taxes, parks, the environment, planning FUN community building events, and more.

The Team: At present we are seven otherwise quite busy folks, with backgrounds in finance, public utilities, real estate, human resource management, architecture, public art, and senior government consulting. Most are working full time and several are working at being semi-retired. As a group we have interesting discussions, generate workable proposals, and always do our best to do the right thing, all while working within the context of limited time and budgets. 
All board positions are up for election/re-election on May 15th, 2018.
We invite you to bring your experience, skills, talents, and appreciation of Meridian Park Neighborhood to the MPNA Board Team.

Meridian Park Neighborhood Association