April 19.Shoreline Customer ResponseTeam.These folks solve your problems. Thanks to an informative presentation by Rob Staveskie we learned when and how to contact this unique team on the broad range of issues they can directly address.  It turns out that very few other cities have such a team. They respond to  calls regarding abandoned vehicles, traffic safety, drainage, potholes, many issues related to code compliance  and enforcement. 

May 17. Economic Development in Shoreline, w/ Dan Emessee, our city's expert on this topic. What is happening at Aurora Square in light of the developer's bankruptcy; development news along Aurora and elsewhere. See and possibly help shape the future.

[Monthly meeting at city hall - 3rd floor: 7 pm 

Upcoming Levy Vote Background. At our August meeting we enjoyed a presentation by City Manager Debbie Tarry and finance Director Sara Lane on this topic. To review the 32 slides used in this talk, please click the blue 'button' to the right here, and to watch a narrated version of this presentation, please click below: 

Block Watch Program. Also at our August meeting we enjoyed an engaging presentation by officer Steve Perry,  who explained this program and encouraged us all to  form local teams in this regard throughout the city. An informative discussion about this program can be directly found at the city website, via the link to the right: 

March 15.  Traffic Issues in Shoreline -w/ Traffic Engineer Kendra Dedinsky, who provided a highly informative talk on current challenges, and plans for the future regarding key traffic in our city.  

Meridian Park Neighborhood Association

Parks in Shoreline.On June 21st we enjoyed quite a wide ranging discussion about the wide range of current and future activities affecting our entire Shoreline Parks Department.

On October 18th we enjoyed an interesting discussion provided by Christine Froschl, of Ecology, and also an overview of the new Everett Clinic, provided by Jessica Griffin. This facility is located across the street, next to Trader Joe's. A video of this 1 hour and 16 minute meeting is available by clicking the link on the right:

Feb 16, 2016.  Local Crime Issues. Officer Steve Perry gave a very informative presentation on this topic, addressing many issues of great interest to an overflow crowd. 

Emergency preparedness meeting. November 15, we enjoyed a substantial presentation by Shoreline's manager of emergency preparedness, Brian Dixon, who explained the many efforts underway in this regard. In particular the HUB program of supplying local centers with equipment and personnel having specific training, received considerable discussion.